Discovering Your Scent Profile


We all know the different smells that we like, but do we often think about it? It is said that our entire body changes every 7 years on a cellular level. If this is true, then its likely so do our tastes, including our sense of smell and our preferences for those smells. 

Whether we think about it often or not (probably not) smell is our #1 strongest sense and it not only tells us a lot about us as individuals, if we're willing to listen to it, but it connects us to our deepest emotions.

Think about the last time you smelled a really good apple pie baking, for some of us that imagery immediately offers up a moment in our lives where we can see ourselves dipping our faces down to take in a giant breathe of that world famous dessert. 

Smell not only instantly connects us with memory sometimes from decades ago, but it often times also shows us things we didn't even know we could remember. 

When you're breaking down the criteria for smell you have to think about it like this.

1. What emotion does this smell invoke? 

2. What do I associate with this smell?

3. Do I like this singular smell in this moment or all the time?

4. How would I describe it to someone else?


When you take a breathe of something  

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